Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers

Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers

Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers

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This may or may not be your first time getting a loan, but if it is at NiceLoans! then you may have some questions. We came up with a list of frequently asked questions our customers have for you to review before you apply so you have no uncertainties and know exactly what you are applying for.

What type of loan products do you offer?
We offer installment loans, which are loans that are paid off over a long time through a scheduled set of payments. 

We also offer flex loans at our Tennessee locations, which give you the flexibility to use your approved loan amount and the ability to continue to withdraw from your loan up to the approved amount, as you make your payments.

Where do you offer loans?
We currently offer loans in-person in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Alabama. If you are not located in these states, we can still process your loan if you visit one of our store locations. Be sure to stay tuned for the launch of our online loans in late 2020!

What do I need to provide to receive a loan?
When applying for a loan make sure you have a valid driver’s license or state ID, verified bank account, and current proof of income. If you have any questions about the documents you are providing you can always call our customer support line at 833-308-6423 to double-check validity.

What credit score do I need to be eligible for a loan?
We do not check your credit when we process a loan. Your credit score does not affect your eligibility to get funded at NiceLoans! so a specific credit score is not required.

How much money can I borrow?
Loan amounts are regulated by the state. Depending on what state you are applying from NiceLoans! offers loans up to $4,000. Keep in mind, you will only be prompted with the proper loan amount according to the state you are applying from. You can learn more about the state regulations by reviewing our Rate & Terms pages.

How can I receive my loan?
You can apply at one of our conveniently located stores and leave with your check-in hand in as little as thirty minutes.

I just applied and have a question about my loan, who can I talk to?
Our customer support team is available 6 days a week to answer your questions. You may contact them by calling 833-308-6423 or emailing

Ready to get started with our quick and easy application? It only takes a few minutes to fill out, find out your approval status, and get funded!
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