Things Every Homeowner Should Know

Things Every Homeowner Should Know

Things Every Homeowner Should Know

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Welcome to home ownership! Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. It's also definitely one of the most expensive decisions you'll make. And now that you're officially a home-owning citizen, it's time to start taking care of your place. At NiceLoans! in Tennessee, we've put together a list of tips and tricks that may save you money and help you turn your new house into a home. 

Save Everything 
Home ownership means tons of paperwork, from the initial contract to the instructions for the new appliances you buy and the receipts you get from the electrician. Keep a drawer, folder, or filing cabinet dedicated to any paperwork associated with your property. This way you'll have it all at your fingertips if you need it. 

Wait Before Starting Big Projects 
Most experts suggest waiting 6 months after you move onto your new property before starting any major projects, unless the home is unlivable. The reason? Not only does it give you time to save up for the project, but it also gives you some time to get to know the house and property a little better. You may decide you don't want to knock down that wall or add that extra bathroom.  

Keep Some Essential Tools on Hand 
Even if you aren't handy, every home-owning individual should have a few tools around just in case they're needed. A ladder, a hammer, screwdrivers, a measuring tape, a drill, and a pair of pliers help make minor repairs and maintenance easier to handle. 

Start a Savings Account 
This one probably goes without saying, but as soon as you can, start saving. You never know when you'll encounter unexpected expenses, like busted pipes or a refrigerator that just stops working.  

Familiarize Yourself With Flex Loans 
In the meantime, while you're saving, familiarize yourself with Flex Loans. They're like your own line of credit that you can draw on any time you're faced with unexpected expenses. You can use the cash for repairs, new appliances, projects around your property, or anything else you may need. You just pay it back and it's there for you to use again in the future.  

Know Your Neighbors 
Unless you live on several of acres of land in the middle of nowhere, getting to know your neighbors is a good practice for new home-owning families and individuals. You don't have to become their best friends, but staying friendly means you have someone keeping an eye on your place when you're out of town, or helping you out when your dog gets loose. You can also ask your neighbors for recommendations on everything from contractors to things to do in your city if you're new in town. 

Know How to Shut Off Your Water 
Ask experts what one thing is that people should know about home ownership, and you are likely to receive dozens of answers. However, at the top of that list you'll find this one: Learn how to shut off your water. If your pipes burst, knowing how to shut off the water to your home before a plumber arrives can save you from paying an outrageous water bill and flooding your space.  

Being a homeowner often means unexpected expenses, and they might come when you don't have any money saved up to pay for them. That's where an installment loan from NiceLoans! can come in handy. You can check out one of our neighborhood locations by using our store-locator to get funded the same day!
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