Budget Bash: Family BBQ Edition

Budget Bash: Family BBQ Edition

Budget Bash: Family BBQ Edition

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Warm weather, special people, and great BBQ food go together to make a memorable gathering, and you can plan it without breaking the budget. Start with some affordable party supplies and decorations. Add inexpensive appetizers, and then follow the meal with one or two easy desserts. Add friends and some music to turn the gathering into a high-energy BBQ bash. 

Affordable Party Supplies for Your BBQ Bash
There's no need to spend a lot on party supplies and decorations when you're putting together a list of party ideas. Most of these items get tossed in the waste bin after the party anyway, so choosing affordable party supplies makes a lot of sense for this type of outdoor party. Most of these items, such as paper plates and disposable utensils, are available at dollar stores, but discount and wholesale stores may also provide a place to find money-saving deals if you want to buy larger quantities of affordable party supplies.
Decorations don't have to be elaborate for a BBQ because it's the food that makes the party. Simple decorations such as a tablecloth, streamer, or centerpiece are typically all you need. If you want, you can even set out a tray of inexpensive appetizers instead of a centerpiece. It's sure to be a hit.

Inexpensive Appetizers That Are Sure to Please
Keeping it simple is a great motto when you're planning to make some inexpensive appetizers. Simple snacks like tortillas with salsa and cheese dips are simple to make and friendly to your budget. Vegetables served with dips, such as sour-cream French onion dip or ranch dressing served in a pretty bowl, also provide a lot of satisfying munching without much effort or expense. Crackers served with a homemade cheese ball that's made with sharp cheddar and cream cheese is another idea to try when you're making inexpensive appetizers. 

Cheap, Easy Desserts That Taste Great
Dessert is almost always a popular part of any meal, and there are some easy desserts you can make for your BBQ bash. A tray filled with toothpicks, chunks of fresh fruit and chocolate dip is an easy dessert that doesn't take long to make. Look for seasonal fruits to keep the cost down, and lightly coat the fruit with lemon juice or fruit preservative if it's going to be sitting out a while before people start eating.

If you're in the mood for an easy dessert that's a touch more decadent, consider a chocolate cake with extra fluffy cream cheese frosting or cubes of angel food cake and strawberry slices.

Planning a party may mean buying some things you don’t usually purchase. If you're in need of party supplies, food for your BBQ bash, or even a new grill, then turn to NiceLoans! Apply for a loan at one of our neighborhood stores to get the things you need for your BBQ bash.
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