5 Outdoor Activities in Chattanooga, Tennessee

5 Outdoor Activities in Chattanooga, Tennessee

5 Outdoor Activities in Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Do you have a little time off planned? Glen Miller and his orchestra made Chattanooga a household name in 1941 with the hit song Chattanooga Choo Choo. His catchy tune made Chattanooga sound like the place to be, and he wasn’t wrong. Chattanooga has tons of outdoor fun to explore. We recommend you check out the following five activities while you are visiting.

Swincar Backcountry Tour

Adventure Sports Innovation offers a unique backcountry tour in electric off-road vehicles. These unusual Swincars have spider-like arms that move independently over the rough terrain. Riders sit in a pendulum seat that allows them to remain level and keep all wheels in contact with the ground regardless of the grade of the incline or obstacles. The adventure takes place on Lookout Mountain with 60 or 90-minute tours. Drive solo or go tandem with your best friend.

Helicopter Tours

After exploring the backcountry via ground, you may want to take to the skies for a different perspective of the scenery around Chattanooga. Chattanooga Helicopters offers many tour options guaranteed to make your vacation unforgettable. Flight times range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Take the Ultimate Tour to see Chattanooga in one swoop, including the Tennesse Aquarium, downtown Chattanooga, the Tennessee River, Nickajack Lake, and Lookout Mountain. Maybe romance is your goal with the Ultimate Love Tour, which comes with a 30-minute flight, a bottle of champagne, roses, chocolates, and photographer services to capture those perfect couple moments.

Chattanooga Horse and Carriage Tour

If romance is on your mind, there is nothing more romantic than a 60-minute sightseeing tour in a private horse carriage. The Chattanooga Horse and Carriage Tour company provide professional drivers who are happy to share their knowledge about the history of Chattanooga. They will discretely sit quietly while you snuggle with your sweetheart if you just want the romantic ambiance.

Chattanooga Ducks

You have explored Chattanooga by land, air, and horse. Chattanooga Ducks offers the chance to start a 75-minute tour around the streets of Chattanooga before it splashes into the Tennessee River. Relax in the renovated WWII amphibious duck boats while your captain narrates your time with fun facts about the city’s history and the river. Don’t forget to bring your boat shoes!


We have covered adventures on the ground, high in the air, and on the water. There is only one place left to explore. It is time to go below ground. Trade in your boat shoes for hiking boats and use Chattanooga as your home base to discover over 7,000 caves that can be accessed within a one-hour drive. Caves are great to explore on hot days or a place to hide on miserably hot days. The weather inside the cave is always predictable. Do not try to explore the caves on your own, as they present many dangers for the inexperienced. Look into professional tours at the Cumberland Caverns, Racoon Mountain Caverns, Ruby Falls, The Caverns for live music underground, or The Lost Sea underground lake.

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